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We help you reduce evaporation by deploying
floating plant gardens on your reservoir.


Save Water

Our plants reflect the sunlight and prevent water temperatures and wind from evaporating the water.


Remove Algae

Because they float, our plants absorb the nutrients and sunlight before all the other harmful algae do.


Clean Water

Our plants can absorb pollution and nitrates and act to purify the water you have in your reservoir.

How does it work?

Climate change and increasing temperatures can evaporate 35% or more of the water inside reservoirs. On the other hand, dams are constantly working against algae blooms and high concentrations of nitrates. All these issues cost thousands of millions of dollars to the economy.

Our solution uses floating gardens to control the sunlight passing to the water, effectively reducing evaporation rates and preventing harmful algae from developing. Our super plants are also super efficient in absorbing nitrates and maintaining water quality.

The plants are kept inside confined circles (boom barriers) and are regularly vacuumed inside boats and treated in order to later used to feed animals and even fish.

Contact us

We are a team of entrepreneurs, biologists and dam experts and our mission is to improve the water management globaly. The climate changes are undeniable and they are starting to impact global economy in a bigger way.

Does any of these problems affect you directly?

Then we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to call, email or use the contact form to the right.

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